512MB Dedicated RAM
1x Dedicated XEON Core
10 Recommended Players
1024MB Dedicated RAM
2x Dedicated XEON Core
23 Recommended Players
2048MB Dedicated RAM
4x Dedicated XEON Core
38 Recommended Players

Free Minecraft Server

Free Minecraft Server Hosting.
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are an avid Minecraft player, then you’re in the right place. Wouldn’t it be nice to have Free Minecraft Servers at your disposal? Yes – you read that right; FREE Minecraft Servers!
Thanks to our sponsors, you can avail of our Free Minecraft servers right here, right now! You might be wondering why we are able to offer Minecraft servers for free when it would usually cost you around $5 a month (or even more!) for these… The answer is simple: We have loyal and supportive sponsors that allow us to give away Free Minecraft servers to reward avid Minecraft gamers such as yourself. Isn’t that amazing?

Why would I need a Free Minecraft Server?

The better question would be – why WOULDN’T YOU NEED ONE? Let’s face it – in the world of gaming, it’s always fun when you are in complete control. Minecraft is already a game that gives you absolute freedom in everything you do. Imagine what having your OWN Minecraft Server could do for you.
Having your own world wherein you could play with all your friends, having custom plug-ins to make your gaming experience more unique – isn’t that the ideal Minecraft experience? You can have all of that for Free if you hook up with us!
If you want to make your Minecraft gaming experience more memorable, then all you have to do is click a few buttons and FreeMineCraftServer.org will give you a free and unlimited Minecraft Server account. Why pay $5 a month when we are already shoving it on your face – Free of charge!

Are these Minecraft Servers LEGIT?

With thousands of happy consumers who have gotten their Free Minecraft Servers from us; it’s very obvious that everything we give is 100% LEGIT.
We are offering Minecraft Servers for Free for those who can’t afford to pay a monthly fee. Or even if you can afford it – wouldn’t it feel so much better if you won’t have to go through the hassle of coughing up a few bucks just to enjoy some awesome game features?
FreeMineCraftServer.org offers LEGIT Minecraft Servers for Free; and that is a GUARANTEE. If I were you, I’d act fast and get one for yourself now! There are thousands of other gamers who are interested in this once in a lifetime deal. Don’t get left behind, alright?

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Meierdaniel says:
I love this website! It's so easy to get a free minecraft server. And the best thing is, IT IS FREE!
Gresh4253 says:
Followed a link through a forum since it said it would take me literally 30 seconds to get a free minecraft server. Did the survey very quickly and submitted my email thinking this site was a scam and wouldn't send me anything. Low and behold, I actually did get my minecraft server. Thank You!
DiamondsRFun says:
This site is a life saver, thought it was a scam but it has keep its word. Checked email half an hour later and there it was. I'd like to thank freeminecraftserver.org for providing such service.